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33 KING STREET, WHALLEY, CLITHEROE is a wonderful independent boutique. Open since 2009, nestled in the beautiful village of Whalley in the picturesque Ribble valley. When you enter the shop, you are in for a treat. A myriad of unique brands lies before you. Marianne the owner has a great eye for detail and is always way ahead in the fashion game. She makes it her aim to handpick new and find exciting brands for her discerning clientele.

Stocking brands such as Pako Litto, Rails, HIPANEMA, Candice Cooper, Yaya, Miss June and Pitusa amongst many others, you can happily while away many hours perusing the stands and rails.

This is a one stop shop there is everything from clothing, jewelry, shoes, boots, bags, scarves and even gym wear. The Precious team are welcoming, knowledgeable and helpful. The atmosphere is relaxed with no hard sell.

Sharkey and Duff spent the afternoon there this week and before we knew it 4 hours had gone by!! There really is so much to see, below are some of our favorite finds…..

The Yaya suede jacket….. we nearly wrestled each other to the floor in the fight to try on this badboy! Soft as butter this versatile jacket will take you from spring through to autumn, wear with the Yaya light weight paper bag trousers or with the fabulous Denim Hunter jeans we spied.

Below we paired the jacket £299 -with DENIM HUNTER jeans £99.99, ROSEMUNDE grey leopard cami £43, ANGEL ROCKS clutch £149 and Alpe suede boots £90.IMG_1418

A big trend on the catwalk this year was khaki utilitarian, center stage …. RAILS they have produced the fabulous Collins Jacket  £185. A must for every Fashionista.rails

Sticking with the utilitarian theme we picked up on these great khaki distressed cargo pants. Then dressed them below with embellished Hipenama tshirt, Candice Cooper pumps £189, Owen barry clutch £115 and a BIG favorite of ours the Beho Crystal rings £65.IMG_1404

For those who love an injection of colour in their wardrobes. Precious stock, Dixie and Yaya, both beautiful collections that include bang on trend botanical prints.

The big trend for ‘BOSS LADY’ jackets was on nearly every designers, runway shows for spring summer  2018. From marc Jacobs, Victoria Beckham and Shane Oliver the Catwalks were awash with the staple wardrobe classic THE BLAZER . So its not surprising we found some lovely examples in store. Amongst others in Precious we loved the Balamain inspired designs and the more casual Navy stripe jackets both priced at £179. Navy jacket worn here with Denim Hunter jeans and Yaya pumps.

Rosemunde a Scandinavian brand which designs timeless classic pieces, like these silk camisoles below is a great addition to many an outfit. A fabulous way of putting a little luxury into your wardrobe basics.

Worn below –  left with Yaya crumpled jeans ,Ilse Jacobsen flip   Owen Barry clutch (left) Chain clutch (centre )£59.50. Right – metallic tote bag and Yaya silk trousers £69.50.

As spring is on the horizon our thoughts turn to holidays and lazy days at the beach. So we couldn’t help but ask to take a peek at the new beachwear collections due to arrive soon at Precious.

The stunning kaftans and beach dresses from the French company Miss June, will make you dream of sultry summer evenings on the white island of Ibiza. Comfortable and stylish these pieces are beautifully embellished with crochet and embroidery.

Pitusa beach wear, these are things of beauty that would easily take you from the sunbed to the bar, the ultimate in bohemian beach cool. Soft, comfortable and easy to wear just throw over your swimwear, add Ilse Jacobsen flip-flops (that come in a rainbow of colors ) Hipenema, jewellery and a beach bag and your good to go.

Accessories at Precious…

Precious is one of our favourite independent retailers, so to write this blog we had to blindfold ourselves to make sure we did not spend too much money. It was quite difficult to show you some of our favourites pieces whilst blindfolded, and trying to take pictures was not that easy haha, so we decided to take the blindfold off.

At Precious, the jewellery brands they offer are sourced from many different countries. They offer some really unique pieces, something you wouldn’t expect to get elsewhere.

The jewellery differs from big and chunky to delicate softer pieces but it really depends what look you want. We love the chunky rings and bangles because when you love a black outfit as much as we do, these pieces can really make your outfit stand out.

At the moment hoop earrings are on trend, whether it is silver or gold, big or small. A plain black dress can be transformed with a statement piece of jewellery whether that is a pair of earrings, a bangle or necklace, or even bit of everything sometimes.

One of our favourite brands is Beho. Each piece is made individually and are hand carved from natural stone, so differs slightly from each piece.  The rings are amazing! We both have at least one of these rings because they look great with either a casual outfit, or something a bit dressier. These statement rings are around £59. Some may think this is a bit expensive for a ring, but we believe it is worth the money, it is very unique and you know no one else will have one, and EVERYONE comments on them.

Layering bangles is our favourites things to do, whether it is with chunky or slim bangles. We do this all the time and it really makes a difference to an outfit. Mya Bay is a great brand to do this with. They are available in various colours including silver, gold, rose gold and chocolate. In the summer they usually bring out brighter colours which really bring out your tan, and are really striking. We usually mix all of these colours.

Bibi is a range stocked by Precious. They provide jewellery which is chunky but very on trend. This range is however a little more expensive, but the quality is great and you will have the piece for years.

Every time we wear Bibi, someone will ask where we got it from. It is bound to catch someone’s eye.

The dyber/kern range is a Danish range and is really unusual. We have bought pieces from their collection for years now, and add them to our outfits year after year.

Although these ranges are a bit on the expensive side, we don’t tend to splash out on them every day. Precious offers affordable jewellery as well. Layering can be quite expensive having to buy so many bangles to achieve the look you want, so buying affordable bangles is a good place to start to build up a collection. Precious offers bangles at around £15 in various colours.

We usually do this for our holidays, where we want a casual look every day and is easy to change in to an evening outfit.

Some people may be reluctant to mix gold and silver, but when layering bangles it can achieve a really sophisticated look. We love to do this!

We love the jewellery Precious has to offer. It always has something different in.

Jewellery isn’t important to everyone, but to us it allows us to express ourselves in a subtle way. It allows us to change that little black dress into something completely different. It is a key accessory that should not be forgotten about. Step outside your comfort zone and go for a statement piece, or take a small step by starting to layer your jewellery in different ways. Get creative girls!

Please call Marianne and the team on 01254 822 620, if you require any more information on any of the items featured.

Fashion over 40!

janet and cheryl

What to wear? What not to wear?

Now hitting the Big birthdays to us has always been tough. We are vain, we freely admit it. the thought of sagging breasts, wrinkles and the menopause were never attractive prospects to us. Sorry…not sorry!

These BIG birthdays always seem  to bring a sense of confusion too. The my wardrobe is suddenly totally all wrong for my age confusion. Although we have always loved clothes, followed fashion and enjoyed the daily putting together of outfits, a big birthday would always throw us into a panic.

I’m over 30… 40… now have my clothes suddenly become inappropriate overnight ??

Do I look like I’m trying to hard?

Do I look a tad old and desperate?

Should I start wearing comfortable shoes and slacks ??

These are all questions that have gone through our minds at some point around big birthday time.

I the Duff half of Sharkey and Duff turned 50 this year I prepared myself for the mental onslaught the sudden lack of confidence in my clothes choices. but this year it didn’t happen. This year I was ok, I suddenly realised I wasn’t ever going to be 20 again and I realised that I was also ok with that thought.

I am comfortable in my own skin, I work hard to stay fit and strong and I try to look after my skin. As for my clothes I wear what the hell I want. I wear clothes that my sons partner borrows I just wear them in a slightly different way.

I wear whatever suits my mood.

I wear whatever takes my fancy.

I wear what makes me feel good.

It’s a great place to be, being 50 is really no biggie. Being 50 has taught me that time is far too precious to worry about what other people think. Have fun with fashion girls it can lift your mood, change your mindset and give you confidence. It can be your armour or your comfort blanket. Fashion should have no age limits. You only have to look at the beautiful Kylie Minogue who can still rock a sequin mini like a 20-year-old and the queen of pop Madonna whose age defying body takes a huge amount of work and dedication, why should society demand she cover up just because she’s over the 30 mark??

So ladies…. here’s to wearing the hat, buying the jacket, clashing the colours and wearing sequins every single day.