Zen and the art of menopause maintenance

I Duff, have been practising yoga once a week for a couple of years now. To be honest I didn't really get the whole yoga vibe. I have used it to help manage back problems and to keep me supple as I get older but I never actually got on the whole ethos of yoga … Continue reading Zen and the art of menopause maintenance

Sharkey and Duffs road to fitness …..

Our lives in fitness !
Our diets however were much the same, we sustained ourselves on a rich diet of coffee ,Diet Coke, wine, Marlborough lights and the occasional slice of toast. This was a common diet for our generation, especially hairdressers.
This nutritious combination kept the weight down, along with a long list of mad and sometimes completely bonkers diet fads.
The Cambridge diet
The cabbage diet
The egg diet
The diet where you can only eat foods that begin with b in the dark diet 🤔
We would try anything and everything in the pursuit of emaciation.
Now when you hit 40 strange things start to happen to your body especially if like me (Duff) you have a late baby.
Things start to drop and they begin to drop quickly!! Now don't get me wrong after having all my kids I hit the gym with Sharkey to shift the 4 stone of excess baby weight ( and yes we enjoyed every mouthful thanks)but then Janet would carry on and I would not.
At 40 I knew it was a case of use it or lose it!
Lose muscle tone
Lose definition
lose your boobs to your waistline and your arse to your knees 😳