Even over 40, we all still need a little Va Va Voom in our life.

We’ve had a lot response from you all asking for our tips and tricks for that hairdresser blow wave at home. It’s never easy to achieve a bouncy blow wave on yourself, and trust me even we know that as hairdressers. We might make it look easy doing it on other peoples hair, but we struggle too on ourselves. So honestly ladies, you aren’t going through this alone.

This video is my daily routine of how I dry my hair, the products I use, and tips on how to create volume at home. This technique works for me and it doesn’t take ages so is very easy to do every day. Honestly, I just set my phone up to film me one morning whilst I got ready for the day.

My key tips:

Tip #1 – Blast dry your roots first to add lift

Tip #2 – Keep the nozzle of the hairdryer angled down to smooth your hair

Tip #3 – Blow cold air on the section of hair wrapped around the brush to set the bounce

Tip #4 – If you take anything from this video, it is to focus your efforts on the top section of your hair to produce the VA VA VOOM

Tip #5 – Use velcro rollers once your hair is dry to add extra, longer lasting body to your hair

Tip #6 – Use products. But do not use too many products, too much product, and make sure it is the right product for your hair. Too heavy products for your hair will weigh it down. Sounds simple ey? It is a case of trial and error, and you may best to try samples or travel kits so you aren’t wasting money.

Tip #7 – Dry shampoo at the roots to add extra hold to the hair. WARNING – dry shampoo isn’t right for everyone.

Here are links to the products and tools I have used in this video:

(By the way, we are not sponsored by Kevin Murphy, we just LOVE their products)

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Thanks for watching!

Sharkey and Duff


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