The SpexBox Launch

Sharkey & Duff were very excited to attend the launch for a new eyewear company recently, at a fabulous venue ‘The Whitaker’ in Rawtenstall. Between Sharkey and I, we have a huge collection of sunglasses along with shoes and handbags, they are the ultimate in gadgets for girls. So, we were very intrigued to see what The Spexbox had to offer.

We were greeted by the brains behind the brand, the charming and fabulous Rebecca Thompson. Rebecca explained how her expertise and a gap in the market for bespoke glasses and led her to launching Spexbox. We have to say it has been a long time since Sharkey and Duff have been this excited about a the launch of a brand.

About Spexbox Founder Rebecca Thompson


After starting out with a local optician 12 years ago, Rebecca quickly realised that working in the optical field would enable her to build a career and more importantly, spend her time helping people. Rebecca initially qualified as a Dispensing Optician, then very quickly was promoted into management overseeing a group of optical practices across the Northwest. After delivering record business results across the group Rebecca was then headhunted to join a national optical consultancy. The last seven years has seen Rebecca work with opticians large and small across the UK to build their business, develop their teams, grow their customer base and ultimately enjoy owning and running their business a more than previously. Rebecca is now widely recognised as a leader in the field of optical retail and is frequently published in industry magazines and journals. 

“Working in all roles, across a variety of different types of optical practices clearly highlighted major gaps in the retail offering. It became obvious what people wanted when they bought glasses. What they wanted; but weren’t getting! I’ve spent the last 3 years (and lots of my maternity time) thinking about and planning how I would do things differently. “

“I normally hate shopping for glasses! It fills me with dread! The shops are always so boring that It puts me off! I’m so glad I came along today & found you! I’m so happy with my purchase!’

About Spexbox

The idea for Spexbox is pretty simple really; we prevent people from wearing bland, boring and poorly fitted glasses. Instead we give them expert Frame Styling advice and distinctive eyewear sourced from boutique manufacturers around the world (at an astonishingly affordable price!).

Most ideas stem from trying to solve an existing problem. For people that wear glasses (or even just sunglasses), the problems that come with choosing them will be very familiar.

In todays’ world people who wear glasses have limited options. They can either go to a stale, traditional environment that feels like a dentist and be sold some expensive glasses from a limited range or go to a well-known store only to be treated like a number, receive limited advice from largely inexperienced salespeople and select from a range that everyone else on the street also appears to be wearing.

Spexbox will give people an alternative.

We believe that everyone deserves to have an elevated, bespoke, styling experience and choose from a range of distinctive glasses from boutique manufacturers without it having to cost the earth.

We believe in employing and developing highly trained professional Frame Stylists to ensure that not only do you walk away with glasses that look and feel fantastic on the outside, but that the inner you is also delighted, confident and ready to take on the world in your distinctive new look. 

We are striving to generate the same level of anticipation and excitement that you get from buying other accessories such as a handbag, shoes or coat. And it’s not just for women; we know that men like to look and feel good in their glasses too!

At Spexbox we want to move away from the traditional ‘get your eyes tested, buy a functional pair of glasses, return when eye test due again’ model. We believe this model no longer serves customers well and certainly does not fit in with the varied lifestyles people now lead. Wearing a pair of glasses is about more than just improving vision, it’s more than just a fashion accessory. 

The glasses we wear can express and reflect our personality, outlook and our innermost feelings. The way we see ourselves and the world around us is affected by and influenced by the glasses we wear – so purchasing just one pair of glasses to use for everything, solely based on a change in prescription, is archaic. Customers deserve better and the experience we aim to provide does not currently exist anywhere else.

What’s Next?

Following the success of the Launch and Pop-Up Shop at The Whitaker, we are continuing to search for permanent premises. In the meantime, we’re working hard to get our website up and running, where a carefully curated selection of stunning sunglasses will be available to buy. There are also plans for more Pop-Ups this year which will spread the word and help people find the really distinctive glasses and sunglasses they want. 

The fact that we also provide really fantastic quality prescription lenses (in addition to glasses) seems to surprise people; but we think having the best vision possible for your prescription is an essential part of loving your glasses, as is the fit. That’s why we invest time and effort into the fitting process, so you will be absolutely delighted with the advice, the product, the fit and the price! Anything less just isn’t an option.

Sharkey and Duffs Thoughts on the brand.

The array of eyewear before us at the launch blew us away, a stunning collection of colours, shapes and designs that we hadn’t ever come across . Traditional shapes and designs turned on their heads. Gone were the monotone displays we had long gotten used to and instead we were treated to a display, in a rainbow of beautiful matts and metallics. Honestly, we were spoilt for choice.

‘ Its so refreshing to see such stylish people selling glasses! You all look wonderful! It puts me off when I go looking for trending specs and they are in a uniform’

The brand is cool, edgy and fun, as are the team, a refreshing change from the sometimes-sterile atmosphere of many opticians and sunglasses shops. The reaction from other visitors to the event seemed to be the same as ours, absolute delight in seeing something so fresh and exciting.

We found the bespoke design process intriguing, Jason was on hand at the prescription glasses display.  He described in detail to us the fascinating process of designing your own bespoke wooden frames. Jason is obviously passionate about the process and very knowledgeable. These stunning bespoke frames are engineered from layers and layers of beautiful and varying wood veneers. There are literally 100’s to choose from, so the opportunities for your own personal designs are endless. The frames are also very, very light and you also have the option to choose Titanium arms these make the glasses feather light. A personalised engraving service for the arms takes the bespoke side to another level and has made them a firm favourite amongst footballers and celebrities alike.

Sharkey and Duff are very excited to see where the brand is headed and we will be keeping you all informed of its progress and no doubt will be sporting lots of their fabulous specs on our Insta page, so watch this space.

Love Sharkey & Duff xxx

Big thanks to Photographer @hello_kathryntaylor for allowing us to use some of her fabulous pics.

If your interested in any of the Spexbox products find them on Facebook

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