Zen and the art of menopause maintenance

I Duff, have been practising yoga once a week for a couple of years now. To be honest I didn’t really get the whole yoga vibe. I have used it to help manage back problems and to keep me supple as I get older but I never actually got on the whole ethos of yoga itself!

I always found the relaxation stressful ( I find it hard to relax) I found the heavy breathing annoying at best and the chanting and omming unbearable.

I have however recently started to GET IT ! I am starting to understand now that the deep breathing is essential, that it is not a competitive sport and that if you really immerse yourself in the practice it can be life changing. If you struggle with anxiety and stress, yoga can bring you a little peace and help quieten those head monkeys for a while.

Over the next few months Sharkey and I will be looking into some natural ways, to deal with some of the issues that arise as we approach the big M and reporting back our finds.

I am going to step up my yoga sessions to see if and how much it helps with the hormonal battles, that come with the impending menopause. Also checking out the overall health benefits, both mentally and physically of regular dedicated practice.

I am hopefully going to drag Sharkey along to her first class in the hope she gets the yoga bug too, so we can go on this journey of discovery together !

Watch this space kids and if you anything that has worked for you or anything you think we should try drop us a line. We would love to hear from you

Love Sharkey and Duff Xx

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