Sharkey and Duff meet Melt With Love

I, Sharkey have known Claire Valentine, the creator of Melt With Love, for many years now. I was introduced to her through family and friends.
Claire decided to set up Melt With Love 2 years ago after she realised how much money she was spending on candles, oil burners, and melts. With an entrepreneurial spirit, she thought to herself ‘why not give this candle business a go.’ Since then, Claire has worked hard and put in the hours to find the right product, the right ingredients and create a great product range. She juggles her business alongside a family, with 2 small children. Claire told me that having her own business allows her to fit work in around her family, and because Melt With Love is her passion, it is easy for her to work late into the night to follow her dream. By following her passion, she has expanded her business by introducing different products to her collection, including household items, bath and shower bombs.
Melt With Love range of product.   Claire researches designer inspired scents and tests them to make sure the scent throw is strong enough. Her inspiration comes from others and she loves asking people what scents make them smile.
This all takes time to find the right smells and ingredients. Claire tests out all her products before adding them to her collection. Here are a few new ones which have been added recently:
Cherry Blossom
Pink Champagne
Rhubarb & Plum
Rhubarb & Vanilla
All sound yummy!!
I have had the opportunity to try her products out over the past 2 weeks.
The products are packaged beautifully and each melt is wrapped individually in tissue paper with the Melt with Love logo sticker. It arrived with me in a white box and as soon as I opened it, I was hit with a wave of all the scents. From then, I knew they were going to be good. All the packaging at Melt With Love is eco-friendly and all the melts are made using a soy wax and vegan friendly oils, which is really important to Claire.
Melt With Love products are sold in various gift shops and beauty salons throughout the valley including Beauty with Sarah, The Furniture and Gift Emporium, Helmshore and on the Melt with Love website. They are fantastic gifts and a beautiful accessory to any house.
The soaps, bath and shower products are great and the soaps look fantastic with really bright colours running through them.The melts not only smell amazing but look so pretty too. One had small flecks of glitter on the top (felt like it was too pretty to burn). But once I had the courage to burn these lovely melts, I could smell it throughout the whole house. I’m a sucker for candles and all things that smell nice, so this was a perfect gift for me. My favourite scent from Melt With Love was ‘angel eyes’ which had a similar smell to Angel perfume by Tierry Mugler but the scents also ranged from fresh smelling fruity to spicy. I love trying new things, especially from small businesses, ran by women. Support those around us, and after all, who run the world? GIRLS!
Love Sharkey and Duff
x x x

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