Plasma Elite Treatment

Sharkey and Duff are not experts, this is not an advertisement. The following blog is our opinion on my experience with the treatment.

I couldn’t believe it when I Duf, won the Posh Aesthetics comp, the only thing I’ve ever won is a Christmas pudding in a raffle. Being the very lucky winner of the Plasma elite treatment from the Posh Aesthetics competition was brilliant, Sharkey and I are always on the lookout for new beauty treatments and this was one we were keen to try. Its supposed to give results like Botox and fillers but in a more natural way.

From what I understood, a plasma pen is used to send a small electrical arc from its tip. This arc vaporizes the skin and leaves small dots, which then form into little scabs. The scabs fall off within 1 to 2 weeks and leave the affected skin smoother and tighter. Its apparently suitable for lines, wrinkles, scars, skin tags, loose skin, moles and pigmentation.

Being  noninvasive its hailed as a great alternative to going under the knife or for those who really do not like the idea of fillers or Botox.

As we age (I’m 50) the under eye sinks a little and the lower lid loses its taught appearance and starts to drop. We lose the sharp crease lines and eyelids can appear a little hooded. That’s where the Plasma pen comes in. I had researched the treatment a little and was impressed by the results, I also knew of Dawn Robinsons reputation for being very good at her job, she comes very highly recommended. I was excited to try it but also a little anxious.

I arrived at the beautiful POSH on Kay street, Rawtenstall to the warmest of welcomes from Dawn and all the team. Dawn has a lovely air of calm confidence and immediately put me at ease. She is friendly and funny but also extremely professional.

After discussing the areas she was going to treat (upper and lower eyelids) filling in the forms on my medical history and answering questions on the results I required, Dawn explained the treatment in detail and then applied numbing cream and icepacks. Discussing the process with Dawn you aware that she really knows her stuff, she is very thorough in her treatments and passionate about her clients getting the very best service.

As I lie down for the process Dawn warns me again that it may smart a little and not to be alarmed by the smell of burning skin. Now Sharkey and I are hardcore when it comes to beauty treatments and never has a little thing like burning skin ever put us off the search for eternal youth!! The treatment is a little uncomfortable in parts I am not going to lie, around the inside of the eye is quite delicate and yes you can smell a little burning.

Dawn works fast and talks me through every step, reassuring me and making sure I’m comfortable throughout the process. She had to wipe my tears away when my eyes were watering a little, I wasn’t crying its not that painful. I’m mentioning this as on the pics the black under my eyes is my run mascara, not the after effects of the treatment.

When Dawn has finished my eyes are surrounded by a series of tiny dots and they feel warm a bit like a sunburn but nothing major. Dawn tells me i will have a little swelling for the next day or so as the eye area is so delicate. I’m told that I will get a crust on the skin as part of the drying out process this should flake off in a few days and how to keep the area clean and dry.

Day 2

I woke up to swelling and I’m not going to lie I look like a demented Panda that’s done a few rounds with Tyson Fury! The treated area feels warm again like sunburn. I take some anti histamines as suggested by Dawn and this reduces the swelling somewhat. I keep a low profile for the rest of the day and when I go out I wear a big pair of Jackie O shades!!

Day 3

Swelling is still very apparent and some of the dots have now started to scab over and itch!. I’m still wearing shades as to an onlooker it would look like I’d been in a brawl but hey ho price we pay for vanity and trying to fight against Mother Nature !

Day 4

Still some pronounced swelling but it’s subsiding and the dots are starting to scab.

Day 5

The swelling has more or less gone yay. Still look like I’m wearing a Batman mask but I’ll just have to don some tinted glasses again for work.You can start to see the beginning of the results now my eyes look much larger and more open, I’m getting excited to see the finished look.

Day 6

Almost all of the scabs have fallen off. I can go back out in public without sunglasses  The results so far are brilliant, subtle in the way that its not obvious I have had anything done but I look fresher and my eyes look more open and my crease line is more pronounced. The skin around my eyes is smoother and more or less wrinkle free and I’m thrilled.

Dawn has told me it will also continue to improve more over the next few weeks too, so can’t wait to see even more changes!



My advice would be that if you work with the public or you don’t want people to know you’ve had it done clear your diary for a week, catch up on your soaps and chill indoors you don’t look pretty.

Be prepared you will look shocking when the swelling appears and it is a tad uncomfortable. It’s not for long though peeps especially compared to a surgical alternative .

Make sure you go to a professional this is a non invasive procedure but that pen in the wrong hands could cause untold problems. I totally trusted Dawn she knows her stuff and is highly qualified.

Wear sunscreen afterwards your skin will be slightly pink and very sensitive.

If you would like any more info drop Dawn a message.

Love Sharkey & Duff xxx


Throughout July and August, non surgical blepharoplasty using plasma technology will be on offer at Posh Aesthetics.
£250 for upper eye (usual price £400)
£250 for lower eye (usual price £400)
£350 for both (usual price £800)
Offer available on Fridays and Saturdays at Posh Rawtenstall and on pre-arranged clinic days at LV Therapy Boothstown.


tel-01706 551810

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