Mood Swings Charity Event

On Saturday night we were invited to a quiz night at our local village church in Cowpe, our friend sally was hosting a quiz night for a charity called Moodswings .

Moodswings is a charity based in Manchester founded in 1999 its aim to help people recover from mood problems and the severe emotional distress they can cause. They are a unique charity providing intense support to people with mood disorders and their friends and families.

At Moodswings all their work centres around Recovery, by which they mean living the best life you can with or without the symptoms of emotional distress.

With their upbeat and positive approach to emotional distress they provide hope and optimism. Life is for living and enjoying.

They believe that whatever your problem or difficulty, things can always be made better and they believe that anyone can make a recovery and lead a life closer to the one they aspire to.

They can help you to access the care and treatment that you may need. they don’t encourage the use of non-evidence based therapies or medicines.

They can help to provide the kind of positive enabling support that will help you to live a better and happier life rather than just cope with your difficulties.

Manchester has a large student population.  Student life can be very exciting, but also potentially stressful.  As well as the stress of examinations and deadlines, students often face living away from home for the first time, becoming more independent, moving to a new city.  For mature students it can be hard to manage the stresses of family life alongside University expectations.  Even the student social life can bring pressures and strains at a time when people are vulnerable

Moodswings works with the university to support these students.

For people struggling from this problem its hard, and having a place to turn to for help and advice is a massive help when you have nowhere or no one else to turn to.

Because Sally sits on the fundraising committee of Moodswings she decided to host the quiz night in her local village to raise money for the charity. Sally’s brother who is a DJ also offered his services,

There were games of Play your cards which was great fun! and a raffle where many local business had been very generous and donated some really good prizes.

lots of local people turned out to support sally bringing their own refreshments and nibbles and the night began!

The quiz was a huge success (not to mention we came 3rd which I was very happy about)

The wine flowed and the crisps where eaten and the noise level got higher.

It was great for Sharkey and Duff to support people like Sally who do fundraising for worthy charities. Sally raised a amazing £750.00 for the charity which is a fantastic effort.

I asked sally to explain how she got involved with Moodswings, and this is what she had to say

‘’I first got involved with Moodswings last year when a friend of mine (writer, author, playwright) Jonathan Harvey invited me to a fundraising dinner at the Hilton in Manchester.

I learned a lot about the charity and the good work it does. An attempt to recruit me on their fundraising committee was made (I have always enjoyed organising events, nights etc), I said no because of the logistics of attending meetings in Manchester (I live in Rossendale) and the time I assumed I would have to commit too (I work and have a family).

A few months later at another event (nothing to do with Moodswings),an event with free wine… the lady who runs Moodswings convinced me to just attend one meeting and see how it works. Long story short, I attended and am now committed.

We are raising money to open a cafe next door to the offices and 2 bedrooms upstairs for people who sometimes just need a timeout, some space, some peace and quiet or just to get away.

We have some funding so work begins this summer, we just need to raise the rest (about £20.000). We will be approaching companies in the catering/hospitality trades to see if they can help out from kitchen equipment to cutlery, crockery etc.

Moodswings is an excellent place and totally committed to helping people recover from life’s us and downs.’’

If you want to donate towards this worthy charity please visit

Love Sharkey & Duff xxx

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