Swimwear… wear it well

Summer is on its way and holidays are nearly here. Everyone loves a good holiday, but when you reach our age, the thought of baring your body to the world in little to no clothing gives us nightmares.

Weeks before our holidays, Sharkey and Duff stress about how we look in swimwear. We go on diets, hammer the gym and do anything to try and help us feel better. One thing that helps is buying a piece of swimwear that makes you feel a little bit more comfortable; the right fit, the right colour, can really help make a difference.

Here are a few swimwear pieces that Sharkey and Duff are loving this season. There is a range of different shapes to suit everyone’s styles and we have broken them down into different categories to make your life easier. We have done the slog of research, trailing through the internet to find those special pieces.

But remember, wear what you want!


It’s quite scary to go for something bright, we all want to fade in to the background once we hit 40. But don’t be scared, go bold! These colours look fantastic with a tan, and the block patterns can really accentuate your waist.

Top Left One Shoulder Block Swimsuit – Mara Hoffman £275.00 (Sold Out)
Colour Block Dress -Mara Hoffman £280.00
Colour Block Swimsuit – Mara Hoffman £295.00
Hipanema Bracelet – £66.00
Top Right Bikini Top – Seafolly £40.20 (Sale)
Bottom Left Swimsuit – J By Jasper Conran £33.60 (Sale)
Skemo Indigo Trousers – £71.00
Bottom Right Bikini Bottoms – Seafolly £22.20 (Sale)

black layout

You can’t beat a classic black look. Here we have found a few different styles of swimsuits and bikini’s. The shapes vary, with some that have more hold or lift, and others for when you don’t want those tan lines.

Top Left Black Spotted Bikini Top – Mango £19.99 (Sold Out )
Black And Red Earrings – Gift Pop Boutique £16.00
Black Shaping Swimsuit – Figleaves £55.00
Black And Gold Swimsuit – Riverisland £36.00
Top Right Red Chiffon Kimono – TLM edit £45.00
Bottom Right Black Swimsuit – Seafolly £92.00
Black Sliders With Fringe – Zara £19.99
Straw Bag – Zara £29.99
Black Hat – Estee-Rose London £70.00
Black Bandeau Swimsuit – Watercult £109.00

floral layout

Adding a little floral to your swimwear takes you a little outside your comfort zone, it’s not the traditional black or white, but it allows you to add some colour without going too bright.

Top Left Desert Tribe Bikini – Seafolly Briefs £42.00 Top £59.00
Watercult Floral Bandeau Frill swimsuit Vintage Jungle – £119.00
Black Over Sized Beach Bag -Very £42.00 (Sale)
Top Right Palm Beach Swimsuit – Seafolly £84.00 (Sale)
Bottom Right Floral Black Swimsuit – Ted Baker £90.00
Desert Tribe Kaftan – Seafolly £46.19 (Sale)
Floral Bikini – Secret Garden Pants £16.00 Top £20.00

white layout

Nothing beats a white pieces of swimwear at the end of your holiday to really show  of that tan!

Left white embroidered dress – Honor HB Beach £180.00
Pink Tassel Earrings – Soi 55 £15.00 (Sale)
White Swimsuit – Jets By Jessika Allen £133.00
Metalic Havaianas – £26.99
White Bikini Top – HM £8.99
Bottom Right White Swimsuit – HM £19.99
Woven Basket Bag – Jute&Jade £40.00

body shapeDressing for your body shape…

Now none of us are 100% happy with our shapes we all have something we like to cover up or detract from. What we need to do girls is play to our assets play to the positive and stop dwelling on the negative. Life really is too short to worry about the little things, don your swimwear with pride and have fun. Lets face it everyone else is too busy worrying about themselves to give us a second look. So lets celebrate our Mum tums, cheers to our no longer pert boobs and wear our stretch marks like badges of honour.

Shopping for swimwear can still be a little daunting even when we have decided to be body confident. So we’ve put together a little something to help you fathom through the minefield of shapes.


For the athletic lovelies amongst us, those with the lithe bods. If you would like to create some curves, go for a swimsuit with strategically placed side cut outs. Slightly higher cut on the legs and a low neckline. These features will enhance your fantastically toned legs and create the illusion of a nipped in waist.


Wider at the shoulder, bigger bust, narrower at the hips and usually has fabulous legs. If your on the taller side get your retro on! Bigger, slightly higher waisted pants balance out the body shape and a bikini top with a structured cup and thinner straps makes the most of your assets. Go for ranges that you can mix and match. A patterned or striped bottom and a plainer top also works well on this figure shape.


Bootilicious bottom and a smaller bust. Keep your bottoms plain and simply cut, avoid side ties that add width. Bikini tops or one pieces that have patterns, embellishments, ruffles, frills or pleating of some sort are great as they draw the eye up towards your lovely décolletage and give the illusion of a bigger chest balancing out the shape.


Those blessed with an hourglass figure. If you’ve got it flaunt it wear a good underwired top and have fun with patterns and colours. Keep the style minimal to draw attention too those curves.

These are just a few pointers, the main thing is that you have fun, wear what makes you happy, wear what makes you feel good, embrace your bod girls.

Love Sharkey and Duff x

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