Sharkey and Duff meet Nutritional Beauty

rachel nbNutritional Beauty

We were first introduced to Nutritional Beauty through a friend of ours. Immediately intrigued by the thought of, locally produced natural skin care, we knew we not only wanted to test out these products but also meet the woman behind it. The whole ethos of why we began Sharkey Duff was to bring together and support other women in life and business .

When you meet the lovely Rachel Geelan the brains behind the brand, you notice how she is the best advert for her product. Her clear skin literally glows and she talks about her product with such passion you can’t help but instantly love both her and her brand. Nutritional beauty was born out of Rachel’s love of all things nourishing and holistic. She was always interested in skin care as she struggled with her complexion in her youth. Although the initial idea was for nutritious food the brand has organically headed first towards skin care. Rachel describes her products as “A  Healthy holistic approach and mindset to beautiful skin” Her products contain all things natural and with beauty addicts bucking the trend for nasty parabens she’s hitting the market at just the right time.

The products are simply packaged in lovely glass bottles with the nutritional beauty logo of an avocado. Rachel wanted the logo to represent the whole ethos of the brand. An avocado is  nutritious when both applied externally and also when consumed, making it the perfect representation of the brand. Rachel believes that we should be nourishing our bodies both inside and out using only natural ingredients where possible.

Although Rachel is only just beginning her business journey, it’s been on the back of her mind for years after visiting a friend in San Francisco. She was taken to a place called  Rainbow, a warehouse that housed a myriad of beauty brands. This planted the seed for the business and also opened her eyes to using essential oils in skin care. Also during the trip Rachel came across her skin care hero and inspiration Evan Healy. Evan Healy introduced her to natural skincare production and, this is where Rachel first heard about one of key products the hydrosol. Hydrosols are the by-product of the production of  essential oils. These have become a firm favourite of sharkey and Duff. Rachel says ” The magic happens when the facial oil and hydrosol meet on the skin and work with the skins natural oil production. Keeping us balanced throughout the day and not having to blot or use powder to reduce the shine”

Rachel started her career working at Adidas in Manchester and then as an account manager for Puma, which saw her spend a lot of time travelling with the brand. This led her to once spending 2 1/2 hours on the train doing Sudoku with a friendly stranger, who turned out to be the Rolling Stones’ Bill Wyman!! . All this gave Rachel the experience,confidence and drive for today’s business, by giving her grounding in promoting herself, her business and also in marketing a brand. She also states her parents great work ethics as a big inspiration.

Rachel had a career break to start a family but now her little boy is becoming a little older she feels she is ready to move the business forward. She is embarking on her journey with her 6 base products

  1. Lipbalm
  2. Hydrosol
  3. Facial oil
  4. Eyecream
  5. Cleanser
  6. Handcream

You can purchase all the products individually or a selection of pamper boxes. The products would also make great wedding favours or table gifts for an event (contact Rachel for details). Rachel is also planning to produce  limited editions seasonal fragrances such as pumpkin for Halloween/autumn and cinnamon and pine for winter vibes etc. These smells are meant to sooth and relax the mind, encouraging us all to take a moment, stop the world for a second and inhale and recharge. As we all lead such fast paced lives these days, we essentially need these daily pauses for our spiritual and mental awareness, something Rachel feels strongly about .”We don,t seem to take into consideration the pollution that surrounds us and the fact that we absorb everything including cleaning products and chemicals through our skin”. Rachel believes that using  natural products without irritants allows the skin to breathe. “I want to inspire the UK to promote self care and to want to have an understanding of what’s in their skincare, nourish naturally!! ”

I have to say we absolutely  love the products and cannot wait to try more especially after hearing the plans for her future products. Baby and a mens range also coming soon.

One of Rachel’s pamper boxes is on its way as requested, to non other than the fabulous ‘ JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT”  I have a feeling there is a lot more to come from Nutritional beauty WATCH THIS SPACE!



So I have only started using these products for the past week so haven’t seen a huge results YET, but I can say how they are beginning to benefit my skin.

What I like most about these products are they are made up of totally natural ingredients. I suffer with sensitive skin, especially around my eyes, so I am very aware of the products that I use on my skin.

The eye cream melts beautifully between your fingers into a rich oil. Once applied under my eye area, my skin feels hydrated and nourished, but without greasy feeling you can get from some types of creams. With quite dry skin under my eyes, I am beginning to notice a difference in the texture of my skin from using this product.

The Rejuvenating Facial Oil is a product I have been using every morning and evening for the past week. Again, it doesn’t make my skin feel too oily, but instead it feels hydrated. An amazing feature of this facial oil is the roller ball container it comes in. It is a great way to apply the oil so you do not use too much, the result of which means the product lasts longer, and in turn you save a bit of cash. I thought this was ingenious. I am forever wasting product or applying too much on my skin resulting in a horrible greasy feel.

Hydro Sol Facial Tonic-Well, this smells amazing and because of the natural products in it, I get a sense of calm and relaxation from using it. I am loving this product at the minute. I use it throughout the day over my makeup to freshen my skin, and I have found that it is keeping my skin hydrated throughout the day. An added bonus is that it soothes my skin when I am suffering from sensitivity.

nutritional beauty


Totally fell in love with these products from the off. I like the whole idea of the natural and fresh production and the fact that they are made locally at home.

When I picked up the box I was impressed with the packaging it shouts organic and it feels very personal. Inside the box are our 4 products and a little hand written card telling us about our products and how to use them. Knowing that someone has lovingly created these products and carefully packed them for you is a winner for me.

The lip balm- Now I’m a little addicted to lip balm. As I’ve aged, I noticed you lose the plumpness in your lips and they dehydrate quite quickly,so I always have one to hand. Nutritional Beauty lip balms have got to be one of my number ones, they smell divine, they nourish and moisturise intensely and the effect lasts a longtime. I want one for every pocket.

The facial  Oil  -I applied this every night. I felt like I was really giving my skin a treat. Its been a little sensitive lately and this seems to have a soothing effect. I defiantly feel like my skin looks much less dehydrated since using it and the skin’s surface seems smoother.

The Hydrasol- I used to be obsessed with Evian face spray in the 90,s not sure why I stopped but this hydrosol beats that spray on all counts. I used to use Evian to refresh my skin throughout the day when I worked in central London, as it would begin to look dry and dull. The hydrosol does the same as this and more , the traces of essential oils really perk up the skin and Rachel advises you to breathe in whilst spraying. This really does give you a sense of calm relaxation just a moment. So much so I have  taken to spraying it when I’m feeling a little anxious or stressed as well as for the rehydrating benefits.

The Eye cream –  I have very dry under eyes so go through a lot of eye cream The nutritional beauty eye cream has a rich texture that I loved again I used this at night-time and I have already noticed a difference in texture.

I will definitely be purchasing these products again and I can’t recommend enough. I’m looking forward to seeing what other products our lovely alchemist produces in the future.


Cleansing Lotion 30ml/100ml £8/£20

Cleansing Lotion

Delicate rose fragranced this lotion is a gentle cleanser, apply to the face and massage into the skin, using a muslin cloth and warm water wipe. Face is left soft, fresh, clean and not stripped of natural oils.

Facial Oil 10ml £20

Facial Oil

Organic carrot oil added to our facial oil to improve complexion, tone and create a fresher appearance. Pomegranate seed cold pressed oil added which is packed with vitamins including A, B, C and D. This facial oil comes in our new 10ml roll on ball clear glass containers. A holistic solution for blemished, congested skin, mature and aging skin, dry, dehydrated, flaky skin and irritated, sun-damaged and sunburned skin. Apply this beautiful facial oil to clean skin in the morning and/or evening followed by misting lightly with facial tonic hydrosol will increase penetration of the beneficial essential oils. Promotes repair, reduces fine lines, excellent for sensitive oily skin, reduces large pores and rejuvenates tired skin.

Eye Cream 15ml/30ml £10/£18

Eye Cream

Rose repair eye cream contains rosehip oil full of vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids to help improve skin tone, texture and pigmentation, reduces fine lines and scars. Shea butter will stimulate collagen production and increase skin firmness, and will also reduce inflammation and combat puffiness. Coconut oil rich in lauric acid and essential fats to boost circulation and clear up under eye circles and keep connective tissue strong and supple. Smells beautiful and tastes good too…

Lip Balms £6 each

Lip Balms


Rose and Bergamot

Blood Orange

Peppermint also available and more as seasons change.

Healing Balm 17ml £15 

Healing Balm

Chunky 17ml healing and regenerating Patchouli balms. Patchouli has a grounding and relaxing effect on the mind and body and is especially beneficial for dry and irritated skin. Made with avocado oil which gives this balm it’s beautiful vivid green colour. Soothes cracked and chapped skin is ideal for those green fingered hands working so hard in their spring gardens. Packed full of vitamins A, B1, B2, D, and E, rich in protein, linoleic acid and minerals this balm is truly magical. Other ingredients include shea butter, coconut oil, cocoa butter, and beeswax. This balm can be used anywhere on the body, it will regenerate the skin cells and speed up the healing process to damaged skin and scar tissue. It reduces wrinkles and open pores by toning and tightening the skin. Antifungal and antibacterial so can be used on the feet too. Calming to acne prone skin or eczema prone skin.

Hand cream 15ml/30ml £10/18

Hand Cream

This is luxuriously moisturising with organic coconut oil, shea butter, rose water, sweet almond oil, vegetable glycerine, vitamin E oil and essential oils. One for next to the bed

Hydrosol 100ml/30ml available £10/£15 

GBR Hydrosol

– All are nourishing, hydrating, softening, cooling, and balancing.

Geranium Bourbon Rose – nourishing, use it for reducing inflammation and redness. In particular rosacea, eczema, acne, bug bites, skin rashes, sunburn, and psoriasis.

Lavender – Dispels negative thoughts, reduces inflammation, Use it for reducing inflammation and redness. In particular rosacea, eczema, acne, bug bites, skin rashes, sunburn, and psoriasis.

Orange Blossom Neroli – Uplifting, relieves stress and calms your senses; great for sensitive and oily skin due to its astringent effects. This purifying, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, soothing, sweet smelling hydrosol contains powerful antioxidants which fights off pro-aging and skin damaging free radicals in a kind and delicate way. Balancing the skins sebum whilst sealing in moisture for the drier parts of your skin.

Peppermint – Cooling, mentally stimulating and aids concentration.

Rose – Hydrates and locks in moisture.

Trio box of mini’s is available for £25.

Trio Mini H

For more info on the products for please contact –

Rachel @

Facebook page-

Instagram- nutritionalbeauty


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