Fresh Soy Cleanser

It’s important to me what I use on my skin because I suffer from sensitive skin, especially around my eye area so I often search the internet researching new products. But honestly, the time I spend researching is usually just before I go to bed and is probably one of the reasons I can’t switch off to sleep.

I love to try new products and especially if they are full of natural ingredients.

This brand kept popping up a lot so I thought I would give it a go. I loved the fact I could buy a travel size at £11.50 to see if I liked it first rather than paying full price and then not liking it.

I always worry when trying new products because I have such sensitive skin, but I have used this for over a week now and can safely say I’m loving it!

Firstly, the gel was really soothing on my sensitive skin. I usually use a mouse, balm or cream so this was something new.

This soya face cleanser is full of Amino acids rich in soya proteins, Rosewater to calm and balance properties and cucumber extracts to aid the soothing of your skin.

The effects of these products is noticeable on my skin and the cucumber makes the product smell clean and fresh. After using this product my skin feels hydrated. I will definitely be purchasing a larger bottle.

I would like to maybe try other products in this range so if anyone has tried them please let us know xx

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