A little me time…..


This is one of my favourite products for relaxation. I, like many of us these days have a very stressful, busy life. Finding time to just be alone, unwind and  relax is essential for our wellbeing.

Whenever I get the chance to have a little time out, I’ll put a small amount of the Clarins  Relax concentrate in with my bath water and light a few candles. The herbal scent turns my bathroom instantly into a mini spa and a surprisingly small amount will give a luscious amount of bubbles. I emerge from my lengthy soak feeling relaxed, soothed and smelling divine.

Before my skin dries, I massage the CLARINS RELAX BODY TREATMENT OIL (which contains 100% pure plant extract) onto my tired and weary limbs. This deliciously rich oil goes a very long way. It relieves my sore muscles and the aromatic oils helps to ease away the stress of the day.

Afterwards it leaves my  skin feeling nourished and moisturised with a delicate herbal fragrance. If you struggle with insomnia as I sometimes do, then give this lovely product a try before bedtime.  x

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