My night routine has taken on a whole new level since I turned 50 this year. I always try to remember to take off my makeup and throughly cleanse and moisturise every night. My skin feels much more delicate, is much dryer and needs constant hydration.

I use a two-step cleanse starting worth the fabulously rich Elemis pro collagen to remove all makeup and everyday pollution. Then follow with the Estée Lauder micro foam to remove all the balm from the skin surface.

I then apply The Ordinary Vit C suspension cream for skin brightening and Estée Lauder advanced night serum for intense hydration whilst I sleep.

I finish with the fabulous Skin savoury Clarins Night smart its a anti aging super hero !

ELEMIS PRO-COLLAGEN CLEANSING BALMThese beautiful pots are another of my favorites. A powerful and deep cleansing balm that dissolves daily grime, makeup and pollutants (use with cloth provided). It leaves your skin feeling cleansed, nourished and glowing. Rose and Mimosa waxes infused with starflower, elderberry and optmega oils and the anti aging algae Padina Pavonica, make this one if the most luxurious of balms.

ESTEE LAUDER ADVANCED NIGHT CLEANSING FOAM – A fabulously light foaming micro cleanser which leaves your skin feeling clean, hydrated and refreshed.

THE ORDINARY VITAMIN C SUSPENSION 23% – This Silicon water free suspension keeps the Vit c stable so the formulation is more effective . On first application it has a burning sensation until your skin becomes accustomed to the product. It has a slight gritty feel and takes a while to become absorbed. This product also contains Hyaluronic acid therefore offering some skin surface smoothing along with skin s brightening and a reduction in some of the signs of ageing whilst you sleep! It’s also only £4.90 for 30ml so Winner all round!

ESTÉE LAUDER ADVANCED NIGHT REPAIR SERUM – with exclusive Chronolux and Catabolysis Technology this product gives you anti aging properties over night. Massage a few drops into face and neck in outwards motions. Serums because if the formula penetrate the skin easier so you I always wake up feeling like my skin is firmer, smoother and more radiant.

ESTÉE LAUDER NIGHT EYE REPAIR – Again using the Chronolux technology formula to help repair skin whilst you sleep. I always wake up feeling like I can see a little reduction in the fine lines around my eyes.

CLINIQUE SMART NIGHT– • With added Micrococcus Luteus extract. This very clever enzyme, seeks out damage during the reparative night- time hours. A definite Skin hero in my eyes this super rich moisturiser sinks in effortlessly, reduces dark spots, evens out skin tone, hydrates, improves elasticity and gives you glowing radiant skin. I can’t live without it !

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