st tropezNow The Sharkey & Duff team LURRRVE a self tan, in fact its safe to say we would call it essential. Feeling fat- fake tan, feeling sad -fake tan, feeling ugly -fake tan etc. Being tanned can make the world seem a better place. So over the years we have tried many, many tanning products in the search for the perfect colour. A colour that is not so much Tangerine ,more, a just left Maldives kind of glow.

This week we tried St Tropez Self Tan Luxe Oil. The little glass bottle contains a delightful glittery oil which in itself is a novelty. We have tried countless lotions, creams, sprays and mousses but never an oil, and a sparkly oil at that. (St Tropez you are spoiling us). The oil itself is quite thin in consistency therefore, quite tricky to apply. I (Duff )managed to get it on the floor and every surface of the bathroom. Once applied though I felt like a glossy discoball of fabulousness……until 10 mins later. The oil takes a long time to dry so you feel very sticky and icky there is also the matter of the smell. Now we are all familiar with the biscutiy, pie smell of self tan developing. This smell however was another level…. it was that bad I had to open the car window. Our husbands and children refused to be in the same room. We refused to go to the shops for fear we got too close to unsuspecting shoppers. Imagine a burger van on a very hot day and you are somewhere near the smell.

We persevered with the feeling of being a stinky, clammy being for the remainder of the day, scurrying home away from the crowds to develop in private. Once rinsed off though I have to say it was worth it. Our  skin looks moisturised and glossy, the tan result is even and a beautiful natural colour. There was not a patch in sight. We would defiantly use it again, just don’t develop on a first date it will be your last 😉 ST TROPEZ SELF TAN LUXE OIL 100ML

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