Sharkey and Duffs road to fitness …..

Our lives in fitness !

Now even though Sharkey and Duff love our workouts every week and couldn’t live without them, it has not always been so for both of us.
Janet ( Sharkey) has always been into fitness, swims like a fish, runs for miles she’s a little pocket rocket. I however the Duff end was a party animal who burnt off my calories in a series of bars and nightclubs.( I didn’t get the nickname Patsy for nothing)
Our diets however were much the same, we sustained ourselves on a rich diet of coffee ,Diet Coke, wine, Marlborough lights and the occasional slice of toast. This was a common diet for our generation, especially hairdressers.
This nutritious combination kept the weight down, along with a long list of mad and sometimes completely bonkers diet fads.
The Cambridge diet
The cabbage diet
The egg diet
The diet where you can only eat foods that begin with b in the dark diet 🤔
We would try anything and everything in the pursuit of emaciation.
Now when you hit 40 strange things start to happen to your body especially if like me (Duff) you have a late baby.
Things start to drop and they begin to drop quickly!! Now don’t get me wrong after having all my kids I hit the gym with Sharkey to shift the 4 stone of excess baby weight ( and yes we enjoyed every mouthful thanks)but then Janet would carry on and I would not.
At 40 I knew it was a case of use it or lose it!
Lose muscle tone
Lose definition
lose your boobs to your waistline and your arse to your knees 😳
Over 40 you start to lose muscle mass rapidly, so exercise becomes crucial to maintaining strength.
So we do both now try to get as much exercise as we can. As much as our busy family/work lives allow. As not only have we discovered that it makes you look better. When you begin to get into what we like to call the WONDER YEARS it makes you feel better mentally !!
Exercise can help clear and calm the mind and give you some head space. At a time when you can feel like your losing your mind, exercise can be a saviour. Whether  it’s a walk, a dance round the kitchen or a workout. We have found it really helps in the pursuit of happiness !

pic-Gilbert. G. (2012). Absolutely Fabulous: Why this dated duo are out of the running . Available: Last accessed 01/ 03/2018

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