Sharkey the Technophobe

SHARKEY= technophobe
a person who fears, dislikes, or avoids new technology.


Over 40 and I don’t have a clue on computers !!

When Duff and I decided to do this blog, I was so excited about it, not once did I stop and think Janet you can’t work a computer!!

Duff has 2 degrees and uses a computer on a daily basis , I know nothing about them. The first thing I did was buy myself a note pad and I was off. Duff, my husband and kids laughed at me and said you need to use a laptop, which I have never had the need to use. I left school and went straight into hairdressing which doesn’t require computers at all. When I was at school there was no computer lessons, I don’t even think they had a computer.

Computer’s are just foreign to me, I might send the odd email on my phone which i can kind of work. But sending emails ,attachments are adding pics, well that’s just mind-blowing. I am very good at shopping on my phone I can surf the net for clothes like a whizkid.

So my son has allowed me to borrow his laptop, I know I need to get my own, but I’ve looked at the prices, and think I’d rather spend my money on new shoes.
My son gave me a lesson on how to use  the computer, and how to type a document, he went straight to documents, I shouted, “STOP right there son,which button do I press to switch it on? “ I then got my notepad and wrote step by step how to switch it on!! You see, pen and paper still has its place.

So, now I can switch on and go to a page I can write on, and if I spell something wrong I now know how to correct it. But when I’ve finished  writing my piece,  I am still driving my family mad by shouting up the stairs for them to help me email it. But I am very pleased to say It’s only been couple of weeks and I can do a bit more than when I started. So hopefully in 6 months, I will be more clued up with computers and tackling all sorts of things like adding attachments to emails.

I have spoken  to other women my age and there are others like me, if you’ve had no need to use a computer then you don’t use one AND DON’T KNOW HOW!
They stress me out and I always say, it can break, but pen and paper DOESN’T…….

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