Sharkey Duff and the search for eternal youth….

ELEMIS PRO-COLLAGEN CLEANSING BALMOver the next weeks and months we will be blogging our favorite products and Skin Saviors here’s a few of Sharkey and Duffs.

If you try any of these products, please let us know what you think. Or let us know some of your beauty saviors for the over 40. We would love to hear from you!

We are not skin specialists, dermatologists or beauticians, this is just our own personal preferences.


Skin care is important to us and I can say we are product junkies ,a sales persons dream my husband often says.

I constantly look and research different brands and love to try their products , when I’m away on holiday I look for brands that you can’t buy at home .

I use lots of different products but these  are a few of my favourites that I buy over and over again ..

GUINOT NUTRITION COMFORT MASK I can safely say this is my No 1 product which I use twice a week. I turn to it when my skin needs a quick pick me up or if I’m going out and have time before I apply my make up. Its full of essential & nourishing oils and renews the skin when you have a disturbed sleep. If your skin is looking dull it will brighten, it is also fantastic for the day after the night before when you’ve had too many vinos. I use this product twice a week and  would say I love it.

CLARINS BLUE ORCHID FACE DROPS this oil is great if your skin is feeling dry and in need of some moisture the oil sinks into the skin without feeling greasy leaving  beautiful glowing  skin  I use morning and evening.

CLINIQUE TAKE THE DAY OFF CLEANSING MILK this is a gentle cleanser/makeup remover and would use it on my first cleanse. I find this really nourishing and leaves my skin really soft . I would then use a balm or foam cleanser to remove all  remaining makeup.As we get older our skin needs that extra care and attention. After years of using the  sunbed and baby oil in the sun 😅 . If we knew then what we know now, or even cared at that young age we would have taken more care .


As I have gotten older, my skin has become so dry. I never really understood the importance of moisturising, it was just something I did, until the old age hit. Now I have to moisturise ten times more than I normally would.

I have tried so many different creams, varying in price. I once thought the more money I spent, the better it would be. Because I have to lather cream on, I go through cream like it is no tomorrow. So trust me when I say I have tried hundreds! But because I go through cream so quickly, I don’t want to spend a fortune.

After some research I stumbled across a company called LaidBare. I purchased this product and thought ‘let’s give it a go’. The body moisturiser is very rich, which is great to hydrate my skin.

Plus, as a bonus, the cream smells great. It is a mix between Jasmine, Bergamot, Patchouli, Vetiver and Ylang Ylang oils. These smells help to relax and lift your mood, which I can safely say, I believe it really helps me to relax after a long, hard day.

This cream however is like marmite, you either love it, or hate it. The smell is very distinct and if you are a person who is always on the minutes, you might not appreciate the benefits when it takes so long to soak in.

However, I cannot express enough how good it is once it has soaked in. It makes my skin feel so smooth and hydrated. Honestly, you should give it a try if your skin is anywhere near as dry as mine!

It is only £14.99 for 250ml. It is called ‘butter me up’ and really does what it says on the tin. A small amount goes a long way with this product and therefore it has lasted me quite a while.

The cream is organic, suitable for vegans and vegetarians, and includes shea butter, vitamin C and rosehip oil.

LaidBare sell products for both your body and face. After enjoying this body cream so much, I will be trying other products from their range soon. Once i have tried these, I will certainly blog about them to let you know what I think.


duff products

Now in my youth I confess, I was a simple cleanser/ wet wipe and a Nivea girl. Sometimes I would tentatively dip my toe into the world of Avon. As I age at a rapid rate looking at my face I rely on skincare  science ( and a little help from botulism 😉 ) to help stave off the wrinkles and dehydrated crocodile skin I’m encountering.

Here is a few of my  favourite products….

CLARINS HYDREQUENCH – now called Hydraessential. Contains the leaf of life to give maximum hydration. It’s a serum so much more intensive than a moisturiser as it sinks through the skin’s surface barrier easier. Also contains the plant Beauty Berry to give your skin radiance.£44

LANCOME GEL ECLAT- A foaming face wash for all skin types. If you love that squeaky clean feel (which I do if im feeling the effects of a vino or three, from the night before)then this product is for you.£23

ESTEE LAUDER GENTLE EYE MAKE-UP REMOVER- This is great for everyday ( you need something more hardcore to remove full  on waterproof warpaint). its gentle as it says so good for people with sensitive eyes.£19

LANCOME VISIONAIRE- Not only a skin saviour but one of my skin heroes. I love this product, i feel like it could resurrect me from the dead it’s that good! It’s fantastic for people with uneven skin tone, (me) open pores, (me) and wrinkles (also me). It evens out the skins texture and plumps it up. Heres the science bit… when a leaf has a hole in it,its repairs itself, the molecule that does that is called Jasminate. Lancome research have folded that molecule 2412 times (very specific) and packed it into that pot of fabulousness. That is why ladies and gents ( equality and all that) that this moisturiser is such a very good repairing product.£63

duff 2.JPG

THE BIG GUNS- we have had a long hard and cold winter, not only has our skin had to put up with icy winds, rain, snow but also central heating. All these can play havoc with your skin . Add hormonal breakouts and wrinkles and you’ve got yourself skin like an old leather purse. At this point we turn to these products.

ELEMIS PRO-COLLAGEN CLEANSING BALM-These beautiful pots are another of my favorites. A powerful and deep cleansing balm that dissolves daily grime, makeup and pollutants (use with cloth provided). It leaves your skin feeling cleansed, nourished and glowing. Rose and Mimosa waxes infused with starflower, elderberry and optmega oils and the anti aging algae Padina Pavonica, make this one if the most luxurious of balms. ELEMIS PRO-COLLAGEN CLEANSING BALM£41

ELEMIS PRO COLLAGEN MARINE CREAM- Clinically proven to improve the depth of wrinkles and impove hydration in 14 days (i’m in!). A powerful moisturiser this contains Padina Pavonica ( a mediterranean algae) which is blended with luxurious Ginko biloba, and Rose and Mimosa waxes. This rich, nourishing and hydrating pot of miracle cream is one of my go to products time and time again. No wonder it was voted ‘Best for mature skin’ in Harpers bazaar best of the best awards 2017 . ELEMIS PRO COLLAGEN MARINE CREAM £82


double serum

CLARINS DOUBLE SERUM- This serum is another level it plumps, it firms, it even appears to make your fine lines disappear. The radiance it can bring to your skin in a couple of days is astounding. I absolutely love this product and would highly recommend it. It helps the 5  vital functions of the skin

  • Hydration
  • Nutrition
  • Protection
  • Regeneration
  • Oxygenation

This product puts a complete aging blanket on the skin. It contains 21 plant extracts, the new one being Turmeric. This acts as anti-inflammatory, helps the skin cells talk to one another. Magic in a bottle. Clarins Double serum £75



Sharkey and Duff are both lovers of this product. Egyptian magic is a multi-purpose skin cream made from 100% natural ingredients. Around £13 for the 30ml pot it’s very affordable and a little goes a long way. No additives, preservatives,chemicals,perfumes or parabens. Also not tested on animals.

  • We use it as a makeup remover. After a heavy night you can remove all traces of even the most serious of warpaints. It dissolves the lot in seconds.
  • We use it as an overnight as a hydrating face mask.
  • Lip balm
  • Dry skin softener for heals elbows etc.

Check out for more info on its uses

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  1. Fab girls will definitely be giving some of these a try and can relate with my skin getting dryer the older I get! Love your blogs thanks so much for taking the time xxxxx

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