A little introduction to Sharkey & Duff…

Hi, my name is Janet Sharkey, I’m 46 years old, a hairdresser and a mum of 3 children. My children are all grown up now, have left the nest and don’t need me anymore (apart from the occasional borrowing of clothes/taxi/bank of mum). This has given me back my days to enjoy the things I love. I’m a shopaholic, a fitness fanatic and a beauty junkie with the fear of growing old.

We’ve set up this blog to share with others our experiences, what we do to make us feel happier with growing old, and how we deal with our children getting older, parents who are getting older, and the stress that comes with all of that.

We love fashion and putting together creative outfits that work for us. Internet shopping is a daily habit of ours, and we regularly buy the same the outfits without knowing what the other has bought.

We love to look after ourselves, through beauty products and maybe with the occasional assistance from the experts ;).

But most importantly, together we have found different ways to help us deal with the stress and stigma of getting older and to feel fitter and happier without the use of alcohol or emptying the husbands bank balance and we want to share our experiences.

For the past couple of years we have followed other beauty and fashion bloggers, admiring what they have been talking about, and after drunken Sunday night chat, we have decided to share with you affordable fashion finds and with our knowledge of hair, fashion and beauty and how that changes when you’re getting older.

Everyone experiences lots of different changes with their bodies, moods and relationships when they get to that big FOUR – 0. We hope you can join us on our journey, we will be open, honest and frank about our experience and hopefully we can help you and others who are going through something similar.

Hi All! I am Cheryl, a proud mum to 3 strapping boys ranging from 26-9. I’ve been married twice divorced once. I hit the monumental age of 50 recently. Which made me feel both grateful to still be here but also fully aware that the fight to keep fit /healthy and to stop everything from going south is well and truly on.

I had a wide, fun and varied career as a hairdresser for 30 odd years and in my 40’s went back to Uni, to do a degree in Interior and exterior design (it’s never too late kids ;))

Changing careers has its highs and lows especially in later life, something to discuss later…

I love my family, my friends, parties, shopping, weight training and sitting on beaches watching sunsets…..drinking beer………. and the occasional tequila.

After a few of said ‘Tequila’s” Sharkey and Duff was born, as together we have discussed life, love and everything in between.

We have also discovered that being a woman over 40 in this world can be a little tough physically and mentally. When careers are stilted, mother nature throws you some curve balls and your beloved brood leaves the nest. You can begin to feel a little invisible, a little lost and a little bit overwhelmed.

Janet and I share years of friendship, a love of fashion, fitness and fun and a knack of achieving all this with champagne tastes and cider wages.

This is our journey, we wanted to share our experiences, ideas and interests. With the help of some friends and experts, hopefully we can navigate ourselves through these wonder years and come out feeling and looking fierce.

In the interests of science and for your entertainment. We are willing to try anything and everything out there, that staves off middle age, wrinkles and a life in elasticated pants and comfortable shoes.

Our main aim to grow old disgracefully but well-preserved.

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