Quick BEACHY waves demo….

The trick with this look is not to over think it. Take large sections, take the front sections away from the face and the rest in random directions. Don't curl too near the roots or right to the ends.

Advice to my younger self….

DuffIf you had the chance to go back and live your youth again would you ? If so would you change anything, would you live your life differently ? If you could go back to the beginning, live it all again but knew what you know now, how would it affect the outcome? What advice would … Continue reading Advice to my younger self….

Step into spring

Sharkey and Duff have scoured the runways and picked some of our favourite designs and their high street inspired doppelgänger for you to peruse.

A little introduction to Sharkey & Duff…

This is our journey, we wanted to share our experiences, ideas and interests. With the help of some friends and experts, hopefully we can navigate ourselves through these wonder years and come out feeling and looking fierce. In the interests of science and for your entertainment. We are willing to try anything and everything out there, that to staves off middle age, wrinkles and a life in elasticated pants and comfortable shoes. Our main aim to grow old disgracefully but well preserved.

Divorcing the Net for a Week….Failed by two flaky MoFos

So, we failed miserably at the challenge!!! Shockingly unsuccesfully embarrassingly so in the effort to extract ourselves from our phones for one measly week. Shameful behavior by two mature ladies who should no better. Especially after getting the reports re our outrageous screen time hours!! We made the lame excuses, life happened, shopping happened,work, family … Continue reading Divorcing the Net for a Week….Failed by two flaky MoFos

Sharkey and Duff meet Melt With Love

I, Sharkey have known Claire Valentine, the creator of Melt With Love, for many years now. I was introduced to her through family and friends. Claire decided to set up Melt With Love 2 years ago after she realised how much money she was spending on candles, oil burners, and melts. With an entrepreneurial spirit, … Continue reading Sharkey and Duff meet Melt With Love


As we age the under eye sinks a little and the lower lid loses its taught appearance and starts to drop. We lose the sharp crease lines and eyelids can appear a little hooded. That’s where the Plasma pen comes in. I had researched the treatment a little and was impressed by the results I also knew of Dawn Robinsons reputation for being very good at her job, she comes very highly recommended, so I was excited to try it but also a little anxious.